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Re: gfci??

on 5/30/02 3:48 AM, > Celtic Chrys" <celticchrys at fastmail_fm>
> Subject: gfci??
> How hard is a GFCI to install?  I'm in an apartment, and I'm not

It's not that hard if you understand BASIC wiring. The unit will run you
about $10-12 US. They do (as somebody pointed out) come with detailed
instructions. You may also want to pick up one of those devices that tells
you if the outlet is live, just to make sure. ;-) On my box, not everything
is marked, and not everything is on the circuit it's expected to be on. Or,
you can just use a lamp. I like the tester though.

IF you feel uneasy about changing it out, there are "extension" cords that
have a built in GFCI that you plug up to 3 devices into. I've had mine for a
long time and don't remember the cost. I do remember them being reasonable
and available at electrical supply type places.

I would never, ever, have an aquarium around a non-gfci'd circuit. Things
happen (lights drop in, heaters break, etc...).