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Re: gfci??

>      From: "Celtic Chrys" <celticchrys at fastmail_fm> 
>      Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 00:37:18 +0000 
>      How hard is a GFCI to install?  I'm in an apartment, and I'm not
>      supposed to make permanent changes, but a GFCi would probably be a
>      lot safer than just the power strip I have everything plugged
>      into, right?  
>      I've actually had an aquarium most of my life, and never had them
>      plugged into a GFCI.  Those were only in bathrooms in the places
>      I've lived.
>      I can in no way afford to hire an electrician.
>      So, opinions?  Simple information?
> -Chrys

They are no harder to install than a replacement outlet, *except* they
take up a little more room in the outlet box.  So it can get a little
crowded when you try to shove the gfci back in the outlet box.  Turn off
the breaker (or remove the fuse), take out the old outlet and transfer
its wires to the "Line" screws on the gfci outlet.  You will probably
leave the "Load" screws unconnected.  You can also put a gfci in a
"handybox" and put a cord on it to make an extension cord.

Best regards,