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Re: gfci??

>>How hard is a GFCI to install?  I'm in an apartment, and I'm not
     supposed to make permanent changes, but a GFCi would probably be a
     lot safer than just the power strip I have everything plugged
     into, right?
     I've actually had an aquarium most of my life, and never had them
     plugged into a GFCI.  Those were only in bathrooms in the places
     I've lived.
     I can in no way afford to hire an electrician.
     So, opinions?  Simple information?<<

I just installed one in my bathroom. I'm fairly handy, but certainly no
electrician. The outlet I bought came with VERY detailed instructions and it
wasn't too hard to do. I got the outlet at Home Depot. I have actually seen
GFCI outlet strips, though I can't remember where.

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