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Re: High tech

"It seems there've been other posts that give (me at least) the impression
that some people's goal is maximum plant growth.  I understand that more
light, CO2, etc., are necessary to provide conditions for growing some
plants, and that healthy plant growth is necessary to keep algae from
flourishing, but can someone who has this goal explain to me why maximum or
extremely rapid growth of plants is a goal in and of itself?"

I wouldn't say "maximum growth" is my goal, but "fast growth" is a desire. I
have a moderately high fish load (70 Cardinal and 10 Congo Tetras, plus a
few other species, in a 90 gallon. They like to eat, and the Cardinal Tetras
look best when they grow large. This produces an excess of N and P that is
more easily controlled by fast growing plants. I could do more water changes
yes, but why not let the plants earn their keep? (I change 20% once a week
or so.) By adding a little extra light, CO2, K and micros, the plants use up
that extra N and P, beat out the algae, and keep O2 levels high. It's a
win-win all around.