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Re: high tech

I think having a high tech tank is a great way to feed my gadget addiction. I 
have seen beautiful "low tech" tanks with nothing but a couple standard 
flourescent tubes over them using no supplements, and beautiful "medium tech" 
tanks using nothing but metal halide lighting without CO2 injection and 
supplements, and beautiful "high tech" tanks using everythig. I use power 
compact lighting, CO2 injection, a pH controller, and have my 4 tanks on a 
fully automatic water changing system of my own design. Is it all necessary 
for good plant growth an an aesthetically pleasing display? I'd be the first 
to say no. I just enjoy fiddling with the equipment!

The best gadget I have is the automatic water changer, as it makes it 
possible for me to have more than one planted tank but not be a slave to 
their maintenance. Not having to lug buckets or even be there when the water 
is changed frees up a lot of time and lets me enjoy them more.

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