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Re: No test kit dosing

>Whoa, Dupla cables, RO water, Ehiem filter but no gas tank CO2? Where
do you
>think the system is weak?

I would have loved to buy a compressed bottle system but I had a budget.
When I researched this aquatic plant hobby there was conflicting opinion
regarding substrate heating. I figured it would be a lot harder to add
cables later so I chose them over high tech CO2. As for the R/O filter
I've had that for 10 years - used it with a salt water tank. My tap
water is on a softener (salt type) so I don't use straight tap water.

I hear what you're saying though - consistent CO2 = more stable
conditions. I've known that is a shortfall with my setup which is why I
change yeast mixture weekly. I guess I should start looking around for a
CO2 bottle and regulator. BTW, do you use a PH controller on your system
or is that just a luxury item?

>I don't mix the the PMDD in liquid except for the traces. I add the KNO3
>dry, 1/4 teaspoon 2-3x a week is about right for your tank. 50% water
>changes weekly, if you want to make that much RO. Many folks don't, another
>reason not to use RO water, pain in the a for doing water changes then you
>have add the RO right etc.
>K2SO4 also can be added at 1/4 teaspoon weekly. PO4 additions can help if
>the CO2 is good and the PO4 out of the tap is very low etc.

Wow, 50% weekly water changes? I must have missed something somewhere -
I thought 20-25% per week was considered good. If the plants are
consuming the majority of the Nitrogen in the tank what are we
accomplishing by removing 50% of the water every week?