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Re: System 1 Diatomaceous Earth Filter

As the former manufacturer of the "System 1" Filter, I know that the motor
is still the same!  You can run it continuously without any problems if you
are getting a good flow!  The reason for the "4 hour" use is that it
normally gets very dirty in that time and should be cleaned.  If it is dirty
and the flow is minimal, then the motor is working against the filter (an
really not doing much).  The filter does have a thermal cut-off, should it
overheat; but you are not getting the benefit of diatomaceous polishing of
the water if you run it extremely dirty.
You can shut it off, let the diatomaceous earth drop off and run it once
more -- getting two runs out of one filling of the diatomaceous earth.
Regarding the person that has the squeeling noise from the belt, a dab of
Vaseline (just a dab) on the belt will stop that instantly!
I still find this filter to be the very best diatomaceous eart filter on the
market and you will never get the powder in your aquarium using it properly
and cleaning it ( which takes only a few minutes).
If you have any other problems with this filter and can't get an answer from
the "new" company, please feel free to write me directly.  I will try to
help you  as I do like this piece of apparatus.
Merrill Cohen   merrill34 at comcast_net 

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