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Re: better than amano shrimp

I went back to the archives and looked up the crab talked about as being 
endangered. While some populations are endangered most are not and they are 
more wide spread than just New Zealand occurring in northern Australia as 
well. I think these crabs would be a great way to provide the multifaceted 
attack on algae that I ascribe to. Between the crabs, shrimp and dwarf 
crayfish the result would be an interesting diversity of species with in the 
aquarium at least. The crabs are so small I can't see them being a danger to 
any fish. Does anyone else use the many pronged attack on algae? What animals 
do you use? I use dwarf crayfish, shrimp, MTS snails and ottos. Stone rollers 
are a good substitute for ottos in a North American native fish tank. The 
crab Amarinus lacustris would be worth looking into if anyone has access to