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Better than Amano Shrimp

Moon asked what animals we used to keep the algae under control in our

In my high tech tanks, I have had very good luck with a combination of MTS,
SAE, ghost shrimp, ottos, dwarf plecos, and Rosy Barbs.  The Rosy Barbs eat
the long strings of  hair algae that the nothing else will eat.

In my Lake Malawi tank, the algae is controlled, though not quite so
successfully, with only dwarf plecos and the mbuna themselves, which are
primarily algae eaters.

In my wife's low tech tank, 160 watts of light over 55 gallons, she has no
algae eaters.  And she has no algae and she has never had to scrub green
spot algae off the glass.  I am envious.

Best Regards,

Roger Gordon