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Re: Avoiding Dumping CO2

Alan Kaufmann at Alan4ever at pacbell_net wrote:

> I have a question.  When using a pressurized CO2 system with a needle
> valve, what is the optimal pressure at which to set the second stage?
> I have been keeping the second stage at around 10# psi, but I heard
> recently that it is better to keep the second stage setting higher and
> the needle valve more tightly closed.  I haven't let my CO2 tank go
> empty for a couple of years now so it hasn't been an issue, but I
> would rather be safe (if possible) then sorry (which I have been
> enough of with this #@?*& stuff to last me a lifetime).
> Thanks,
> Alan
> "Stupidity has a certain charm -- ignorance does not. "
> - --Frank Zappa

I don't know what the "optimal" pressure is (probably varies with different
rigs anyway), but I keep my Cornelius beer keg regulater set at about 22 psi
or so and it never dumps when the tank goes empty. Just slowly drops to
zero. I use a Parker HR metering valve adjusted to drop pH from about 7.8 to
6.6 (KH 6 or thereabouts), which translates to about 35 or 40 bubbles/minute
last time I counted.

I wouldn't think 10 psi would be a problem. As long as the needle/metering
valve creates back pressure on the regulator, I don't think it'll dump. I
could be wrong, though.

Dan Dixon