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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #103


Does AquaBotanic sell or have you heard of any reactor that you can put out of 
the way under the tank, attatching it to a canister filter?

-- Stephen

> Yes, but you practically need a magnifying glass to see it! For me to get a
> measurable amount of CO2 using that diffusor, 10 to 15ppm, The little tiny
> bubbler was shooting off more bubbles per second than I could count, and
> when I hooked up a real bubble counter, interchanged it, I got one bubble
> every 2 seconds. That to me is a huge difference. I just want something I
> can see and measure easily to compare to the pH, so I do not have to check
> the pH as often. If I know with fair certainty that for example 1 bubble
> per second will keep my pH at 6.8, then I don't feel as if I need to check
> the pH on a weekly basis.  I just glance at the bubblecounter. And keep an
> eye out for any signs of trouble. I check the pH at least once a month
> though. I never felt comfortable doing that with the Eheim diffusor. Far to
> unstable.
> Robert Paul Hudson
> http://www.aquabotanic.com