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> I am happy to say, that about two weeks later, there is absolutely NO
> trace of BGA anywhere, and the plants and fish are doing better than
> ever.  I am watching it like a hawk, doing weekly 25% water changes and
> adding Tropica Master Grow at half the recommended dose.
> Gitte

Something to think about:
Now if all the water changes in the world, manual removal and cutting down
all nutrients did not work, why would you cut the amount of TMG recommended
doses down to 1/2? Reduction did not help to begin with, why would it now?
You tried to starve the algae and it kicked your butt.

Now do you think you got algae due too much OR too little of a nutrient?

Just keep this in the back of your mind when dealing with algae, poor plants
growth = algae. 
All the reduction in PO4, Traces, NO3, etc really do slow down the plant
growth. As you saw, reducing the nutrients did not do much to stop the
Consider another approach (grow the plants well).

A number of things tend correlate well with BGA, too low NO3/absent being
one of them and dirty clogged filters etc being the other. Stagnant surfaces
and fine needled plants near the surface also are good place and along the
front of the glass below the gravel(also an area of low flow/disturbance but
enough light).

Dropping a blanket over the tank and killing the lights for 3-4 days with
water changes, filter cleaning(if needed) and manual removal before and
after the blackout and then correcting the issue(most often adding KNO3 or
more CO2) takes care of any BGA infestation I've dealt with every time.

No voodoo or antibiotics. Hey, it's a free method, antibiotics are not.
Don't worry in a few weeks there will be more BGA waiting. Your not going to
kill it off once then never worry thereafter about it, unless you address
the cause in the first place. Those spores will re colonize your tank in due

95% of the algae problems can be dealt with in this manner. Some GW issues
require diatom/UV's which can also help other algae issues as a supplement
if you have these handy. The two biggest issues for folks with algae issues
or chronic reoccurring problems: CO2(not enough most often) and NO3(too
little or too much + NH4 from too many fish).

You might be able to kill BGA with antibiotic but if the cause is not
corrected, all this means is that you'll get a NEW algae that cannot be
killed with antibiotics. Growing the plants well is the only reasonable
solution from everything I've seen. Works every time.

Tom Barr