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Re: what to look for in a pet shop (?)

> Jeff Vamos said, in part > Subject: RE: > 
> > If you [a lfs] can dish out the extra money for that huge first
> > inventory 
> > and then replace it as it gets sold, I think you would be very
> > succesful. I 
> > know if I wanted an item and you had it, but it was more expensive
> > than my 
> > favorite online place, I would buy it from you because I can get it
> > now.
> I agree up to a point -- if you find a really good store, support it
> with your purchases.  But that point comes long before 40% which is
> roughly the amount of discount from retail that some on-line stores
> offer on lots of major equipment.  As much as I might want to support
> the lfs, it's awfully hard to cough up $255 for an Eheim plus about $70
> for media when I can get that on-line for $160.
> So I try to support vendors for the products at which they excell, and
> price, within some limits, is a consideration as well as quality and
> service.
> Scott H.

I agree totally. I've seen some very high prices on major equipment as you 
were saying. These items are there for newcomers that don't know any better 
and they want to set up thier first tank- you have to stock these even though 
I agree you or myself would never buy them. Now on the other hand, if you 
just ripped your bag on your diatom, ran out of amquel, or decided you want 
to upgrade your water change system with a holding tank, pump and a python 
and your lfs doesn't have the stock are you going to order from them or an 
online store? Me personally would order from my favorite online store because 
I can get it a lot cheaper. Now if the lfs had it in stock I would buy it 
from them because I like supporting my lfs, but I[m not going to wait for an 
item to come in from them that I can get quicker and cheaper myself. I guess 
it comes down to the old saying if you don't have it, you can't sell it.

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com

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