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Re: what to look for in a pet shop (?)

Jeff Vamos said, in part > Subject: RE: > 

> If you [a lfs] can dish out the extra money for that huge first
> inventory 
> and then replace it as it gets sold, I think you would be very
> succesful. I 
> know if I wanted an item and you had it, but it was more expensive
> than my 
> favorite online place, I would buy it from you because I can get it
> now.

I agree up to a point -- if you find a really good store, support it
with your purchases.  But that point comes long before 40% which is
roughly the amount of discount from retail that some on-line stores
offer on lots of major equipment.  As much as I might want to support
the lfs, it's awfully hard to cough up $255 for an Eheim plus about $70
for media when I can get that on-line for $160.

So I try to support vendors for the products at which they excell, and
price, within some limits, is a consideration as well as quality and

Scott H.

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