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Re: cooling down your water

> Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 22:57:11 +0800
> From: "majdi!" <majdi at pc_jaring.my>
> Subject: carpet/undercover plants...
>   ...snip...
> any suggestions in methods of bringing down the water temperature? and
> suggestions of carpet plants that are more tolerant of higher
> temperature?

Get a small fan and blow it directly across the top of the water.  That
rapid airflow right across the water's surface will significantly increase
the evaporation of the water, which will drop the temperature.  The downside
is that you'll have to top off the water in the tank more often, since you
are increasing the evaporation so much.  A friend of mine was mentioning
this to me.  (Don't know if he still reads this list.)  He said that on his
girlfriend's tank (30 gallons or so?), he took a simple CPU fan from a
computer and mounted it so that it was blowing across the water surface.  He
said it really made a big difference.