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Another KNO3 Source


     After a frustrating couple of hours searching for Green Light Stump 
Remover in local hardware stores the other night I finally gave up and ordered 
some KNO3 at a premium price from eBay.  Actually, the price wasn't so premium, 
but the shipping makes it expensive.

     In the course of my travels I noticed that Lowes carried Spectracide brand 
stump remover.  As they are a large national brand I figured I would call their 
800 number and ask if their stump remover was pure KNO3.  Unfortunately, the 
customer service person wasn't able to do much more than read me the bottle.  I 
asked if he could do a little more research and he said that he could not and 
that they would not tell me what is in the bottle.  Sigh...

     Being that one of the options when I called Spectracide's 800 number was 
to request an MSDS, I called back and selected that option.  I left the various 
bits of information requested and, lo and behold, an MSDS showed up on my fax 
machine this morning.

     The MSDS for Spectracide(R) Stump Remover states that it is 100% Potassium 
Nitrate.  It also states that its boiling point is 633 degrees F and its bulk 
density is 78 pounds per cubic foot and its solubility in water is 31g in 100g 
of water.

     So, unless they change the product without changing the MSDS, Spectracide 
Stump Remover is also pure KNO3.  I'm going to pick up a bottle tomorrow and 
will report my findings with regards to piscine health at a later date.


Steve Cohen