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Re:small amount of peat/Fertilizing low light tanks?

Tom Barr wrote:

> Flourite tanks using a non CO2 method have really impressed me and also
> looked very nice. 

I set up two smallish tanks (10 & 18 gal.) in February of this year for 
a new guppy enterprise. I used a 60% Flourite/40% gravel mixture and 
have just a little over 2 watts per gallon. I stuffed the tanks with 
water sprite and other plants to start with, and added a couple of otos 
and cories. The tanks cycled in 10 days flat, and the ammonia never 
really "spiked." After a month, I added some pieces of Jobes sticks to 
the gravel and began using Flourish Excel, carefully. I have been happy 
with the results. The plants grow, albeit slowly, which is fine with me 
because I have two other tanks downstairs that are CO2 injected and need 
regular attention.

Then James Foley asked:

> Can PMDD be used for lower light tanks that don't use CO2?

These selfsame tanks are fertilized with PMDD. With PMDD you only use as 
much as the plants need. Lately I have been adding more and more PMDD 
just to see what it will take to grow algae! So far I have managed to 
produce one long strand of hair algae. But I don't suggest that you try 
this until you have a good handle on your particular tank. Once you let 
the algae monster loose, it is difficult to wrestle it back into its 
cage. Unless you are Tom Barr. He's an algae monster wrestler from way back.

I guess the guppies are happy because the 18 gallon tank now has about 
70 fry in it! Anybody want a guppy? :-))))


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