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Re: Forceps vs. Tweezers vs Hemostats

Bill Wichers had a hot tip re tweezers and forceps, scissors, etc.:

> A friend of mine's father is a surgeon and says that often his father
> will
> throw out a bunch of hemostats that he doesn't find good enough for
> surgical use. Typically these will still be excellent units. Maybe a
> good
> source of cheap or free quality surgical tools might be doctors? Just
> ask
> them to run them through the autoclave first :-)

Dentist's too if you're looking for the shorter tools.  For the really
long ones  (18-24"), your best bet is a laparoscopic surgeon -- if you
know how they work, you know why that's true.  Ed has a very good
collection displayed on the site for M3


But these new items cost more than what a surgeon might want for
surgical rejects.

Thanks for the tip, Bill, you're such a cut up  :-)

Scott H.

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