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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #82

>The CO2 is up and running (thanks, Dave).  Dave
>suggests an initial CO2
>injection rate of about 1 bubble per second per 50
>gallons of tank
>Can any of you who use a similar system with Eclipse
>hoods and
>suggest by how much I should anticipate increasing
>that to compensate
>the CO2 blown off by the biowheel?  I just need
>something to occupy
>in between fiddling with the needle valves, doing pH
>checks and
>for pearling (none yet but I'm starting slowly...).

I have a Penguin filter with 2 biowheels on my 55 gallon planted tank and I
use the 1 bubble/second rate. It keeps my pH at a steady 6.8. As someone
else has said, if you keep the water level up, then you don't get a lot of
CO2 loss (in my experience); if I let the water level drop too low (I get
lazy sometimes <G>), then I do see the pH rise a bit, leading me to believe
the CO2 is getting lost more.  Just my own experience....

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