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Hi Ken...

Have you considered crushed coral? I've added some to my Aquaclear 500
filter in a mesh bag. That's increased my KH (CaCO3) quite a bit. The CO2
I'm adding to the tank lowers the overall pH, which slowly dissolves the
coral and (hopefully) adding calcium to my water. I actually did this to
help add some buffering capacity to my water, as Portland tap water is waaay

I also have some Calcium EDTA added to my PMDD which boosts the level of
calcium, too.


Earlier today, Ken Whelan wrote:

> Looking for a source of Calcium for my tank,  I got to thinking about tums.
> They are mostly Calcium Carbonate and sugar.   Has anyone tried these.
> The appear to disolve into water okay.   About 24 hours after putting them
> in water with some movement they are gone.    Would this be in usable form
> to the plants ?