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Re: Sump turnover and CO2 loss.


I am doing these things already with a couple of minor differences (maybe
not so minor)- I actually have the CO2 being injected using a spray/bar
hooked up to a Magnum 350, so it is separate from the sump system. The only
difference with the sump is that I have the return for the sump spraying out
of a "tee" at the base of the tank, so that the water moves along the bottom
of the tank toward each end of the tank- do you think this will make a
difference- I eventually want to remove the Mag 350 and have the Co2
injected at the sump and add a proper spray bar to the sump return (just too
busy right now). The overflow box that I am using is the one made by
marineland. Any thoughts on how to reduce water/air mixing at the sump. The
drain lines for the overflow box are about 1.5 inch and I have them emptying
below the waterline into a 10 gal aquarium as a sump.