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Re: Name that deficiency

>Thanks for the offer Paul.[to send some iron DTPA] I just got flourish Iron
>in the mail- what do you think about this source of Iron? Maybe Dr. Morin
>can tell us if light affects the iron. If I dose flourish iron right now to
>say .5ppm I would bet any amount that if I test in 24 hours it will be 0.
>If I repeatadly did this would it stabalize? I guess it would if it was
>being used by plants/algae and not light. correct?
>I don't know what the chelator is for Florish iron. Maybe it says on the
>bottle, or perhaps Dr. Morin will tell us.  I have five pounds of iron DPTA
>because it was the only size they sold it in at the local garden store.
>Besides, I feel really secure.  I am not going to run out of chelated iron
>for the rest of my life!

Flourish Iron is not chelated. It is complexed with gluconate in the 
ferrous (+2) form. Check the archives on this... there was quite a 
lively debate on this subject a few years back ;-)

Light will not affect the iron in Flourish Iron. The references I 
have seen concerning light and iron in the aquarium relate to 
photoreduction of iron+3 to iron+3. Since Flourish Iron's iron is 
already in the +2 state it would not be affected.

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