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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1576

I have built a hood for my 135 using 5 of the 65 watt compact fluorescent
floodlight fixtures available at Home Depot. I have been very happy with the
colour and brightness of the lights. Much better than the 8 40 watt normal
tubes I had previously.

Now that I have installed these lights and also pressure co2 (approx 6-8
bubbles/sec) I am having a problem with some light brown coloured algae
mainly attached to the plants but some is attached to the substrate. I am
adding a dozen florida flag fishes and also planning on blacking it out for
four days, any other suggestions for removing the algae?

Kevin Madsen

> Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 02:26:10 GMT
> From: paprikash at boo_net
> Subject: screw-in CF's
> hi all.  I'm a part time lurker on this list - i like to think
> i can figure my own issues out but i'm too humble to presume to
> advise anyone else:).  anyhow, i just wanted to ask everyone in
> general why the relatively new screw-in integrated electronic compact
> ballast lights don't seem to be held in much regard, especially when
> compared with power compacts. they seem to me to have quite a few
> advantages, especially if you want to go a bit diy. i recently built a
> full of these things myself and have been extremely pleased with the
> - - they can be had in a variety of wattages and color temperatures and
> they can be fairly cheap if you do a bit of looking for the right place,
> especially considering they come with their own ballasts.
> - - wiring a hood with them is really easy,
> - -they  can be distributed evenly in a hood, unlike a lot of odd-sized
> - -even if you can only find some little chepo 2700K lights, i've found
that the
> light they give off is surprisingly pleasant, especially if you can
balance it
> with a single regular actinic tube.  it looks a lot more like bright warm
> sunlight
> than the mushy drab light you get from other warm temperature lights.
> anyway, this is just my opinion.  i know these bulbs have been mentioned
> but i just wondered if anyone considers using them
> cheers
> elie