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Re: New Aquatic Plant and Funny Name

Oh, this one is just too easy to pass on.........

Loh K L wrote:
"I got a new plant the other day.  If you are looking for a plant
that will carpet your substrate like a lawn, is easy to grow,
hardly needs any pruning and most of all, is very beautiful to
look at, this must be it.  It's called Mini-Riccia.  Now,
please don't go ranting at me about not giving the proper name
to the plant (that's you, James) but that's what the fish shop owner
whom I bought the plant from calls it.  As the name suggests,
the plant looks exactly like Riccia fluitans except that it's much

In keeping with the rest of your post, and with tongue firmly planted in
cheek, I don't give a "Fatt" what you call it...... ;-)

James Purchase