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What type of plant to hide a filter?

    I'm hoping to pick a few list members brains on my first serious attempt
at a plant tank.  (Vs. just a tank with a few plants! <G>)  In keeping with
my love of things on either a very small or very large scale, this is a
miniature tank. It can be seen along with some info about what's in it at
http://www.geocities.com/throughacatseyes/miniplanted.html The plants are
growing like crazy!  WOW!  I set it up about 2-3 weeks, added most of the
plants on the17th and already had to prune them back twice!  The Babys
tears, which were a single strand about an inch long with one scragly root
is now a veritable bush!  The picture on my site has photos taken the 20th.
    The layout is more "overgrown jungle" than any kind of plan but I think
it looks okay.  The only thing is the filter.  There is a big hole there
because it blows any plant I put there to bits or rips it out by the roots.
It's such an eyesore though!  But I'm not quite sure what would work there.
It has to be A.) be relatively easy so I don't kill it, B.) tough enough to
handle the current without blocking the intake valve, C.) thick enough to
hide the filter effectively, D.) have a sturdy enough root system that it
won't get tossed about and E.) stay small enough for such a small tank or
put up with lots of trimming.  I would also prefer it to be a dark green to
balance out the color scheme but that would just be icing on the cake!

Any ideas?

Amanda Mason
Charlotte, MI
cascade at arq_net