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Wa Hey, I m new comer
I have big aquatic chamber. not like others I just
collect lots of plats an put in together. No problem
how it will be but I realize that natural selection
will make ecosystem grow or perhaps died. So ,if my
plant species died, I buy another species and put it
together, after that I know what kind plants can
goodly adapt and they still grow bigger. For keeping
stable I chose balck molly, white molly and yellow
molly they do not disturb my plants.

Stupid on me, I have an experiment: put blau chlor in
my chamber, all fishes died but plant grown under
control plus lots of algae make water look so brown.
by the way, why many people in this mailing list use
lots of chemical supplements for their plants, but I
just put an organic material like soil and mud plus 
little of gravel of course they grown so nice.     

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