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Another Diatom suggestion

This is another vote of confidence for the XL Diatom. An excellent,
though somewhat quirky to mew users filter.
My solution to the excess powder issue was to make my own "recharge
valve" out of 1/2" PVC , 2 PVC T's , 4 PVC 90's, and 3 ball valves. An
attempt to draw it below

--------------+---%-----------------] Input line
                      %   crossover ball valve
--------------+---%-----------------] Output line

I used solvent coupled ball valves. The "crossover" valve is close
coupled to the 90 degree stem of both T fittings by using a 1" long pc
of pvc, so it ends up fitting to fitting. The in & out lines end have
about 10" of tube past the ball valve ( % in drawing), then 2 90 elbows
close coupled to form a U, which hangs over the rim of the tank, or a
bucket, sink, etc. The 90 degree fittings on the tank side are threaded.
A short, maybe 10", flexible line can easily be attached & removed from
the threaded 90's

To charge, I hand the U's on a bucket, elevated on a chair or counter.
Close the crossover valve. Give a suck on the short flexible tube
connected to the output line to start the siphon into the empty filter.
When the jar is full, turn on filter & add powder to the bucket. Run
about 5 minutes to get all the powder into the filter.
Then open the crossover, & close the input & output lines.
Relocate the filter to whatever tank you plan to clean. Turn it on
again, & let it run through the bypass valve about 5 minutes. Maybe give
the jar a little shake to loosen any powder which may have settled on
the bottom of the jar.
Once the water in the jar is all clear, open the inlet & outlet valves.
Water will continue flowing through the crossover. Gradually close the
crossover. The input will suck a little air at first, but if you close
the crossover a little at a time you will not lose prime.
I have had this little gizmo about 15 years now, it's on it's 3rd filter
& still functioning great.
To clean the filter, I simply hang the U's on the sink & back flush its.

After 4 to 5 backflushings, I will put some bleach in to get rid of the
gunk that tends to build up on the seams of the bag, then  rinse
thoroughly before use.
I hope all this rambling makes some sense. ;0)
David Modine