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Re: Vortex XL

I want to thank everyone who responded to me regarding the Vortex XL 
question I posed.  I did install the real cut-off valve in the output when I 
tried Vortex's "method one" of priming.  Seeing this did little to solve my 
problem, I started using their "alternate method" (the pitcher), which did 
help, and certainly was easier, but did not stop the initial discharge of DE 
into my aquariums.  I do use the XL on different aquariums, so I will be 
installing another cut-off valve on the input side to prevent water from 
pouring out when moving from tank to tank and to aid in preventing the 
Vortex from losing prime.  I went to the hardware store and purchased 
the materials to reverse flush the Vortex (hose and garden hose adapter). 
All of these things should be supplied STANDARD, IMO, with the Vortex, 
as well as quick disconnects for the input and output hoses at the 
junction of hoses and main unit.  The A.O. Smith motor is relatively loud, 
but certainly tolerable *if* you are using it to polish and not used 
continously.  I have already used swimming pool supplier DE in my 
various tanks with Angels, Pl*cos, Bettas, etc., and none of them are 
any the worse off for it.  In retrospect, the suggestion to pour the DE 
more slowly into the pitcher may be very beneficial in obtaining a more 
uniform coating of the filter.  Thank you for this suggestion, and all of the 
comments and suggestions on the Vortex.