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RE: Aquanetics 8 watt UV issue

Cavan wrote:
I've had an inline Aquanetics 8 watt UV sterilizer 
hooked up for two days now. No effect on the slime 
algae. Almost like it wasn't even plugged in. I 
fiddled around with the plug and an orange light 
inside the end cap where the plug goes in flickered 
on and off. I could not get it to stay on. The manual 
mentions a viewport on the endcap that glows a bluish 
color. It says that with the model I have (either the 
Q8IL or PQ8IL), "you can see blue light reflecting 
off the vinyl tubing connected to the inlet and 
outlet of the UV." I could see blue light there when 
I first plugged it in. What is this orange light? A 
pilot light? Why is it not mentioned? I could hear a 
"tink" sound when the orange light went on and off as 
I wiggled the plug around. Is it even operational? 

Thanks, Cavan 

I have the PQ8IL, but don't recall seeing an orange 
light (haven't used it in months).  Also, I used 
black tubing, because the LFS was out of clear, so I 
couldn't see the light either... So, I am not 
endorsing this, but what I did was open one of the 
ends (not the one the wire goes into) while the unit 
is ON.  With the end-cap off, it is easy to see the 
blue light... Obviously, this is not particularly 
safe, and I wouldn't recommend _staring_ at the 
light, but a few seconds wont kill (or blind) you.

So, that is the way I can tell mine is on.  

Again, I am merely relating _a_ method_, not 
necessarily the BEST or SAFEST method. YMMV.