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RE: Pet Supply Liq Light Review

Okay, Murphy's Law is still in effect.  I went to 
upload the pics from my camera to my computer last 
night, and low and behold, NO USB CABLE!!  Couldn't 
find it anywhere, so I will have to pick up a USB 
card reader or something.  Thus, the review/pics of 
my new Pet Supply liquidator light might be delayed a 
couple more days.  Sorry to those who might have been 
looking forward to it.

BTW -- checked the pH in my new tank yesterday @~ 
6:00pm (lights & CO2 on for 7 hours)... pH was 6.0 at 
a KH of 5... That's ~150 mg/L CO2 according to the 
table!  I guess the eheim 2213 is a pretty effective 
reactor!  The baby mollies and 5 ghost shrimp were 
fine with no ill effects.