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Re: What's in a name...& some more names

> Jeffrey L. Bodin mentions he got ribbed about his name & said:
> My mother was re-married in '69 when I was 4. My new "dad", Robert Bodin
> (pronounced "bow-dean") adopted me. I want through the last three+ decades
> putting up with "Cement Pond", "Cereal", "Ellie May", "Clampet",
> "Hillbilly", etc... jokes.
> I don't want to hear it.   ;)
> - - Jeff (Jethro) Bodin

Hey, thats kind of funny. My last name, Modine, (moe-dean) gets the same kind of treatment. If I had to count the number of times I have been called Jethro, I'd have run out of memory a long time ago.

I have some more to add.
In elementary school there were 2 girls that pal'ed around together. Their names were a bit funny by themselves, but hilarious when hooked together with '&'
Carol Peed and Maida Metz

A friend's divorced mom dated a guy named Harry Cox
Then there was Doris Lobb. Poor girl, she was actually a very tidy individual.