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Aquanetics 8 watt UV issue

I've had an inline Aquanetics 8 watt UV sterilizer
hooked up for two days now.  No effect on the slime
algae.  Almost like it wasn't even plugged in.  I
fiddled around with the plug and an orange light
inside the end cap where the plug goes in flickered on
and off.  I could not get it to stay on.  The manual
mentions a viewport on the endcap that glows a bluish
color.  It says that with the model I have (either the
Q8IL or PQ8IL), "you can see blue light reflecting off
the vinyl tubing connected to the inlet and outlet of
the UV."  I could see blue light there when I first
plugged it in.  What is this orange light?  A pilot
light?  Why is it not mentioned?  I could hear a
"tink" sound when the orange light went on and off as
I wiggled the plug around.  Is it even operational?  

Thanks, Cavan

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