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Interesting Observations

Kefalas, Nicholas D wrote:

> I have set a new heavily planted 65g tank. [...  ...] Guess what ? 
> No Algae. I can't believe it !
> Comments ?

I suppose I've posted this link at least 4 times in the past month, but
Karen Randall's excellent article on setting up a new planted aquarium
is worth perusing, and may be found on the Sfbaaps website at
Many new high-tech tanks, though carefully setup and watched, see algae
outbreaks at about the 60-day mark (I've seen this over a dozen times,
my own tanks included).  I speculate that as the plants recover from
their initial planting and rev up their metabolism, they create
imbalances in available macronutrients.  As this is occurring, the
substrate is maturing with the addition of mulm, and bacterial colonies
are multiplying, seeking their point of equilibrium.  Further
observations lead me to suggest that it's important to develop a clear
set of nutrient target ranges and supplementation regime, AND TO STICK
TO IT, COME WHAT MAY.  For some, notably beginners, this may involve a
lot of testing until one learns to correlate observations with nutrient
Michael Rubin in San Francisco ~ no weather report today
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