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Interesting Observations

I have set a new heavily planted 65g tank. The tank sports 4~6"
accelite/gravel mix (bed was fertilized with 40 Tetrapur cones) with an
eheim 2227 wet/dry and a fluval 303 with foam/floss/ceramic cylinders. The
output of the canister driver a Tetra pond 18W UV sterilizer and a CO2
diffuser. Lighting is at 170 Watt (12 hr cycle). I set up the tank on
12/28/01/ It ran just with gravel for a week. UV runs 24/7. After the week I
added the plants. That ran another week. I then added 8 neons / 4 Angels.
Ph: 6.8-6.9 ,Temp: 76.5, KH: 5. Plants are all growing great. Weekly
additions of Iron and trace elements. Weekly 20% water changes.

Guess what ? No Algae. I can't believe it !

I think it is mainly due to the UV sterilizer running 24/7. This is the
first tank I have used it in this manner. My other tanks with the same
substrate had algae coming out seams at this is point in time. I am at the
forth week marker and no sign of anything.

Comments ?