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Glossostigma elatinoides for trade (and maybe others)

Hello folks,

I have been so out of the loop/ADP and all the goings on so this weekend I
did a major trim on my 125 planted discus tank to try and get "back into
it".  I have at least 2-3 good sized portions of glosso if any one would
like to trade.  I really could kick myself when I let the glosso get over
grown because you can't trim it because it would just leave stems and your
only recourse is to pull and replant (in my case 500+ stems!)  It usually
takes my a couple of evenings to do it because my arms get really tired
hanging over/in the tank for so long but in a way it's pretty therapeutic.
I use a 12" set of surgeon's tweezers that I got from a place on the web
call "Tiny Tools" on the web somewhere.  Best think I ever invested in for a
planted tank.

If you would like some glosso and have oh...something like.....
*Rotala macrandra
*One of the red Ludwigias like inclinata or glandulosa 'perennis'(that died
off in my tank about a year ago)
*Myriophyllum tuberculatum (red)
*Maybe one of the Bacopas (caroliniana or monnieri).  IMHO these get along
in my tank but grow very slow because of the high temps in a discus tank.
*Lobelia cardinalis
OK now I'm getting wishful.......
*Eusteralis stellata (I'm not asking for much!)
*Nesaea crassicaulis
*Limnophilla aromatica
*Eichhornia azurea

I hope to have some pictures up of my tank by this weekend