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Re: An Algae Experiment

> I know levels of N and P slightly above zero are recommended.

"What's "slighty above zero" mean? 5ppm? 1ppm?"

Yes, between that and zero, respectively for N and P.

"Well since your plants are slowed(due to lack of N), try backing off the
traces(say weekly instead of once every 2-3 days or daily etc)."

The only plants that are slowed are the r. macrandra. The swords in the
substrate and the difformis in the water column are still going strong. I
dose the dry CSM micromix at about 1/10 teaspoon per day in an automatic
doser. At that dose, I don't see a reading on a Seachem iron test. If I
increase the dose, say by twice in order to get an iron reading after a few
days, I start to see filament algae. I figure that the micromix dose just
below the iron test threshold is enough since the plants look fine.

> BTW, the rotala macrandra really hates these water parameters, even though
> it is rooted in the substrate, so I guess that speaks to the need to keep
> and P above zero for some plants.

"So basically you've answered it for yourself, you cannot out starve the
algae........without causing harm to your plant."

Only for that particular plant, all the others are still doing fine. But so
is that cursed green dust algae. It looks like I may need to actually add
some P in order to get N all the way down to zero, seeing as how P is
already below the test kit sensitivity.