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Re: An Algae Experiment

Just an update, since it is so far counter-conventional wisdom, sort of.
It's a 90 gallon, CO2 injected, laterite/gravel, 3watts/gallon type setup. I
dose 1/4 teaspoon K2SO4 and 1/10 teaspoon Fe/micros in a dry form from a
Rondomatic set to once a day. I do 20% water changes twice a week.

After two weeks of this, N and P are below the detection range of the test
kits. The rotala macrandra and nessea have retreated into small sad looking
clumps of tiny, and I mean tiny, leaves. However, the other red plant, red
temple, is still doing fine, even though it hasn't thrown much in the way of
roots into the substrate. The other substrate dwellers, e. robustus, e.
parviflorus, twisted vallisneria and anubias nana, continue to thrive. The
real surprise is from the h. difformis and anubias coffeefolia that are
growing on eggcrate, and hence totally water column dependent for nutrients.
The h. difformis is so thick I had to trim it back, while the anubias
started throwing new leaves, after a long period of relative inactivity. My
goal is to work out a measure of fish feeding that will supply N and P to a
minimal level that will keep the plants going, and starve out water
borne/dependent algaes. Yeah, yeah Soapy, I know, I know... No algaes are
problematic except:

Green water and green dust algae are definitely trying to get a foothold. I
am running an 8 watt Aquanetics UV 24/7. The basic configuration of the tank
is essentially filter free, and it has three 96 watt AH PCF lamps. One lamp
runs only 4 hours to simulate midday. As Tom Barr said, the high light
filterless tank is definitely twitchy when it comes to green water. I can
defeat it if I put on a HOT with a micron, but that defeats the whole point
of trying for a low(er) maintenance high growth tank. I've though about
adding one of those new Fluval internal canister filters in the sump, but I
don't get the impression that they have micron size filtration.

Tom "Holly" Wood
(Aspiring Screenwriter)

"You get what you settle for." - Thelma & Louise