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Re: tweezers, tongs, snips

john wheeler wrote:
> I'm not sure all that is necessary, unless you have
> money to burn. IMHO, the stainless 8" tweezers I got
> from True Value for $2-3 are adequate for our needs. I
> bought a pair of 6" bonsai snips with long handle and
> blunt tips from a garden shop for $10. I'm sure the
> German surgical stainless are very *very* nice, but do
> you really *need* a $40 scissors or $20 tweezer? 
> I'm just not sure the quality and price-tag match the
> job description....YMMV.

But they look so nice under the $400 lights, nect to the $1,500
chiller, $200 transformer, $1/pound gravel. . .

Scott H.

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