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Schooling of Tetras

Cheryl Rogers wrote:

> In my experience, they will school with their own species. If they
> school at all. Mine only ever schooled when startled.
I'm no fish expert, to say the least, but I performed an experiment with
Espes Rasboras two years ago, adding 3 dozen to my 50g over a period of
several days to watch how they schooled.  It turns out they school as a
defense (duh!), and are less inclined to do so when their numbers are
large enough that they're comfortable.  Mine schooled easily in low
numbers (more than 6 and less than a dozen).  They became more
comfortable and wouldn't school at 2 dozen unless startled, and at 3
dozen in my planted aquarium nothing phased them - they looked like
colored buckshot, all facing different directions and at all strata.  I
returned all but 20 to give them room to grow, and lived happily ever
after.  I even named my corporation "Rasbora". 
> Cheryl who wonders why the CO2 tank ALWAYS dumps on a weekend.

Yup, always on a Saturday night or Sunday morning.  At the risk of
beating a dead horse, I'll bring up the oft-discussed advantages of
having a needle valve on your CO2's output line.  Having done it the
wrong way and suffered a huge loss, I now can tell a week before my CO2
is used up by the **gradual** reduction in cylinder pressure.  My CO2 no
longer dumps.

Michael Rubin in San Francisco, trying to remember what snow is.
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