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Re: tweezers, tongs, snips, and other torture intstruments.

Hi everyone,
The best source of high quality Aquatic Gardening tools I have ever found at 
reasonable prices is from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. Go to www.azgardens.com 
and click on their link for tools. I have the 12 inch tweezers and the 12 
inch Metzenbaum scissors. I have seen a three pack of tools in a case sold by 
other vendors, but these tools from AZ Gardens are made of thicker metal. 
They appear to be heavier duty. You can even get the tweezers and Metzenbaum 
scissors in a 24" length, although they are fairly pricey.

I can plant the most delicate stems with the tweezers, but they are heavy 
duty enough to plant big stuff deep in the gravel as well. AZ Garden's 
minumum plant order amount does not apply to tools either.

Best planted tank tools I have ever had.

Usual disclaimers.

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