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Re: weird water

    * From: Roger Miller <rgrmill at rt66_com>

Well, since you ask...

I have the same sort of water, and there is at least one other area I know
of in the US that has the same kind of water.  The odd water composition
is produced through a natural process that works exactly like a man-made
water softener.

Many water-bearing sand or sandstone beds contain clay minerals and
zeolites.  When ground water moves through the sand or sandstone bed the
calcium ions in the water displaces sodium ions in the clay minerals and
zeolites.  Calcium that was initially in the water ends up in the rock.
Sodium that was in the rock ends up in the water........

Thanks for the explanation, Roger.  So it IS like an ion exchange resin
that exchanges sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions.  How
interesting!  I wonder how long we have to wait before all the sodium gets
exchanged with calcium and calcium starts coming through.  Probably a very
very long time.

Paul Krombholz in gloomy, foggy, chilly, central Mississippi.