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Re: grey slime

My slime is gone.  I had tried a split photoperiod
with no success.  

One thing that might have been wrong is that my
nitrate level was not what I thought.  I had a cheap
AP kit that said it was about 5.  I got a Seachem kit
that said 1.  But, the reference solution came out at
5 instead of ten like it was supposed to.  I called
Seachem and they said they'd send me a whole new kit! 
Tom Connors tested a sample of it for me with his
Lamotte and it came out at 11.  ????  Anyway, I've
been adding less nitrate since I.....

Removed as much of the stuff as I could and ran a
borrowed diatom filter overnight.  Gone without a
trace.  That was about 5 days ago.  I ran it again the
next night for good measure.  The weird thing is that
the places most favored by the slime still have
detritus on them.  I had a suspicion that it was a
strange alge/dirt partnership because Paul and the
professor at school both said there didn't appear to
be anything in the algae to make it stick together.  

I could't have possibly removed all of it beforehand. 
Why is it gone?  It's almost as if the diatom filter
took out something in the water it depended on.  But
what?  I thought it might be organics or something
from the driftwood but left it in when I discovered
taeniatus eggs on the bottom of it.  Maybe not that
anyway.  I'm puzzled to say the least.  Pleased, but
puzzled.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.   


Thanks, Cavan

I'm glad to hear you also got rid of yours Ron.  BGA,
BBA, staghorn and beard don't have anything on that

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