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RE: Pet Supply Liquidators / Domain / PC Lights

I contacted Pet Supply Liquidators once again, asking 
for some references / reviews of their product.  I 
also told them that I would write about my 
experiences on the APD (and I gave the address) and 
that many potential customers exist on the APD. 

Again, I was promptly emailed back, and here is what 
I found out:

<<Hi, The only reviews would be our Ebay Feedback 
which is listed under "thecomicbroker".  I know the 
name doesn't fit, but we used to sell comics and
never changed the user name. >>

I checked, and sure enough -- they have 1589 positive 
remarks and 4 negatives.  They've been on Ebay since 
August of 1997.  It looks like they sell a bunch of 
these lights on ebay -- about the same prices as on 
their site.  The feedback on ebay looks pretty good 
for the lights that are similar to what I ordered.

I am half-tempted to contact one of the customers and 
see what they think, but I already bought the light, 
so I will be patient and see for myself.

Again, once I receive the light (which shipped today) 
and get a look at it, I will post another message on 
the list.