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Re: free stuff

>>From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
Subject: Re: Free plants

I have a very large Rubin sword (15" leaves) free to a good home.   Just
contribute something to the APD 6 and pay the postage ($4).<<

I am glad Dave brought this up, because the cauffers are empty...but the
bills are still piling up...  I would like to add to this: for a donation to
the "APD six" I'll give away the following, and I will pay the shipping:

a used hydrologix CO2 regulator with solenoid
for a $50.00 donation

M3 freeze dried jumbo bloodworms
$25 donation

Aquarium Landscapes Formula K potassium or Formula F iron, 2 bottles for a
$25.00 donation

Nature Aquarium World book 3 by Takashi Amano
1 book available for a $25.00 donation

Icecap 660 ballast 2 years old
$25.00 donation

Bioplast nutriflex CO2 tablets 20 tablets per roll
3 rolls for a $25 donation

Just email me a copy of your paypal payment confirmation, and let me know
which item you want.

Robert Paul Hudson