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Re: Tap water

> Thanks Tom. Nitrates in the tap are at about 0.3 mg/L.

That's nothing. Consider your tap 0 ppm then.

> (Does mg/L corresponds to ppm? That could have some big implications).


> Actually, orthophosphate is listed at PO4 mg/L at 0.5 with total phosphates of
> closer to 1.2 mg/L (I don't know if any of the total phosphate is unavailable
> to plants. Calcium at 35 mg/L.

Both fine. As long as you do water changes regularly you can get away with
less GH.
> Two other figures:
> K, mg/L:  1.6
> Mg, mg/L: 11.3

Water sounds good. Just do big water changes.
Add the K2SO4(after water change only) and KNO3 and traces(2-3x a week).

> I do dose with Flourish, . Would the plants require any epsom salts.

Not really. You could use some Equilibrium from SeaChem if you want a little
more Ca and Mg. Or use MgSO4 and Ca(NO3)2 instead of KNO3 for your NO3
Tom Barr