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Comparison of shrimps(Ghost vs Amano) on herbivory

I have purchased 100 ghost shrimps in order to compare their grazing
pressure vs Amano Shrimps on several types of FW algae. I can make this into
a serious project if I choose and get a relative grazing intensity figure
for each critter. Having done a research paper already on invert herbivory
in a stream on algae it would not take much and would be much closer since I
could set it up at school in small tanks.

These shrimps are far far cheaper and easier to obtain. I got 50 for 9$.
Even if they only do half the job, they are still much more effective from a
practical standpoint.

One Amano male went after a tried to kill a Ghost shrimp. Not sure if it
made it or not and fed the Amano some pellets to keep them off of the Ghost
shrimps. They are more fragile and more likely to be looked upon as
food.......add them first and later add the more aggressive animals etc.

Tom Barr