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Re: Open celled foam

Hey gang...

One other thing I forgot in my last post, Chuck, is
that you may want to consider Easter Grass. It is way
more porous than the Sponge, but you can pack it in
tight and it would trap big particles as well as
anything else. It has *lots* of surface area for
microfilm and at about $.50 a bag (.25 day after
Easter) it is cheap! I have also used this with great
success in a cannister compartments. 

I learned this from a guy who does reef stuff and he
uses it in place of bio-balls. He says it works as
well as anything else on the market at about 10,000%
savings;) He just takes it out of the bag and throws
it in the filter.

The one downside is that it is messy. 

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler

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