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fertilizer/chemistry help

Could someone help me out?  I am new to this whole chemistry aspect and now
seem to have bitten off more that I can handle.  Before, I just added plants

to my tanks and they just grew, not great but they didn't die.  I wanted to 
get into the lush tanks that I saw on the AGA page so I went out and bought
m3 co2 unit with reaction chamber and a bunch of test kits.  Now the real 
work starts.  Why can't I just have miracle tap water and be done with it?
I bought some test kits and my chemistry so far with 3 bubbles/sec co2 is:
KH= 95ppm
My tank is 135 gal, 3 rows of power glo and 1 row of flora glo bulbs, two 
filstar canister filters with activated carbon added (should I take it
 Plants living in tank for 1 year: crypts, african swords, water sprite, 
african fern, cork val, red tiger lotus and some microsword of some sort.  
From what I have read nothing should be alive but all is alive and very very

short.  LOL
I recently started fertilizing with tropica master grow but that won't be in

my budget much longer.  Fish are: four true veil goldfish, 6 blue wag 
platties, 6 oto cats, 3 cory cats, and 1 small pleco.  After reading the
for a while I went out and bought 2 amano shrimp and they croaked that
 Ghost shrimp i tried lasted about 9 months?  The goldfish have never
a leaf and any plant in my tank.  Their fins are so long I doubt they could 
get coordinated enough to aim for a leaf.
Looks like I am going to need to rob a bank and buy truck load of
 Someone replied earlier this month with advice on how to do that cheaply
I can't seem to find it.  My eyes are crossed from looking through all the 
messages so if you posted that could you send it to me?
I suppose I need to up the CO2 as well?
Tallahassee, FL 
biologist by day, classical dancer by night and horse trainer on the

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