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Re: E.'Red Flame' and Java Moss

I have had this plant for about 10 months now. Yes it requires a good
substrate and high lighting. I had this one sending out runners and
flowering like clockwise every month atleast 4 viable plantlets, until the
other plants took over in my absence and blocked the light. It's slowly
inching back now.
I have DI mixed with tap water kH of 4, pH 6.8, about 3 + watts per gallon
for 12 hours a day and PMDD. It appears to do much better with nitrates
around 10 ppm. Runners apparently developed after large water changes ( 60%
or higher, I was battling the A word then ).
The first plantlet ( closest to the mother ) however never grew well in my
tanks or in my friends tanks, the subsequent plantlets have all grown into
robust individuals. They have not flowered / runnered in my friends tanks.
This is one hell of a beautiful plant.

Madan Subramanian.
Bangalore, India.

> Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 03:43:08 -0800
> From: "Raymond Wong" <rwmw at home_com>
> Subject: E. 'Red Flame' and java moss
> 2 questions
> 1) Finally got a hold of the sword plant E. 'red flame' from tropica
> many times to order this plant from ym LFS's) besides typical sword
> conditions eg. good substrate (using clay in pots with 15-15-15 fertilizer
> pellets embed in the clay balls) and high lighting > 3 watts / gallon
> have experiences with this sword? I can't remember i believe when I got my
> e. ozelot to flower and send runners for plantlets the photo period was
> 10 hours on and 14 off
> The current tank i have this plant in also has co2 injection @ 2 bubbles