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advice on new tank

Hello all, 
      I'm thinking of buying a new aquarium.  I currently have a 29 
gallon tank.  I've been looking at a 38 gallon tank, which is 6 inches 
longer than my current 29.
     I've also been looking at a 46 gallon "extra high" tank, which is 
the same length as the 38 gallon, but a good bit taller.
     the 38 gallon is $89, and the 46 is $99.  I have several questions. 
 Would the extra height on the 46 gallon require significantly more 
lighting for plants?  it's about a 4-6 inch difference in height.  And 
the 46 gallon tank wouldn't afford me any real increase in possible 
bioload, since the surface area is the same, right?
     The $10 difference in price is not much.  So, I'm just trying to 
figure out if the taller tank would cost me more because of lighting.  I 
am on a tight budget.  I look for your opinions.  Is the 46 gallon 
worth the extra weight, lighting, etc.  I'm slightly leaning towards the 
      Oh yes, and how many bags of flourite would ya'll recommend 
for a 36 inch by 12 inch tank?

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